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Rotary Screen Drums are the vital part of the Rotary Screen used in many industries for filtration. This allows a mixture of liquids and solids fed into the screen drum to be separated, with the liquid passing out through apertures in the screen drum body, while the solids are conveyed to one end of the screen drum for separate discharge

To continuously strive to achieve highest standards of Quality & Technology in providing the Welded Wedge Wire filtration products in the concurrence with client's expectations.
To be the world-class provider of high performance Welded Wedge Wire filtration products in an effective manner, in the area of Engineering Technology we aim to build up a highly satisfied customer base.
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Jagtap Engineering presents itself as the India's first company to introduce the in-house developed proprietary METAL- to -METAL Fusion Technology for manufacturing Wedge Wire Screen Filtration Products and is one of the leading manufacturer & Supplier of Welded Wedge Wire Screen filtration products to key players in various industries and having strong presence into the Industries like:
SugarSaltBeverageFood Processing
Pulp & PaperSteelChemicalMineral Processing
CoalPetrochemicalPharmaceuticalsEffluent Water Treatment
The Jagtap Welded Wedge Wire filtration products are leading the industry in superior construction, durability, and quality. With a proven record it is a simple choice for reliable production, whether it's from Sugar, Paper, Food, Chemical etc.
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     Jagtap's Welded Wedge Wire Screens are specifically used when process requirements call for a safe and economic solution of solid / liquid and solid / gas separation
Wedge Wire Cylinder
High flow rates combined with excellent resistance against collapse and burst pressure allows for sophisticated engineering and design solutions
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