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Jagtap's Welded Wedge Wire filtation products can be successfully used in all situations where filters are required to handle liquids of high or low viscosity with an extremely high degree of reliability and economy despite high levels of dirt accumulation

 Advantages of Wedge Wire Screens 
The unique Wedge Shaped profile wire provides our customers with high performance filtration products with significant advantages over traditional filtration products.

Our Welded Wedge Wire filtration products are resistant to extreme pressure and temperature variances as well as corrosion due to their high mechanical stability and the material of construction Stainless Steel and other variety of material that can be applied in production of a customised filtration product. These filtration products are an excellent alternative to the traditional perforated plate, nickel screen, woven wire filter & wire mesh products.

Welded Wedge Wire Screens score over perforated screens and screens made under 'loop' system or 'Resistance' Welding on many counts. It has longer operational life. Additionally, continuously slots of welded wedge wire screens give greater screening area resulting in increased fast production. Made entirely from stainless steel, these screens are recommended for production lines where excellent hygienic conditions are needed. Ease of installation makes welded wedge wire screens very much adaptable to existing equipment.

Wedge Wire Screens have the following advantages.
Free fall opening
Continuous slots
Maximum flow area
Greater strength
Adaptable to Existing Equipment
Longest Operational Life
High efficiency in screening operation
These features provide highly reliable filtration products which are easy to clean and maintain. Our specialised (Metal-to-Metal) manufacturing process enables us to develop customised filtration products matching your specified needs.
     Jagtap's Welded Wedge Wires Screens are applied in many different functions for separation, classification, dewatering and filtration
Pusher Centrifuge Screen
The main advantages compared to perforated plate, wire mesh or other filtration media are:
 Perfect clean ability
 Stainless Steel construction
 Precise Slots
 High Open area
 Long service life
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