House of Welded Wedge Wire Screens
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Jagtap's Welded Wedge Wire strainer Screens that is extremely strong and more clog-resistant than conventional strainer screens that use wire mesh screens or perforated plate.
Jagtap's Welded Wedge Wire screens are manufactured from V shaped profile wire, with an unique Metal-to-Metal Fusion technology welded structure and are known for their Great Strength, Precision, Service Life and Customised Design and can be successfully used in wide range of applications in the field of process engineering such as sugar juice filtration, waste water treatment, crude oil and natural gas production and vessel internals solving problems of solid / liquid and solid / gas separation, filtration of oils, greases, paints, food products, water, fuels, liquid cooling agents, chemicals etc…
They can replace conventional media like wire Mesh Cloth, Punched Plates, Perforated Plates, Non-Metallic Filter Cloth etc… Jagtap's Welded Wedge Wire screen products provide the cutting edge for:
Separating Straining    
Filtering Water intake    
Sizing De-watering    
Drying Media retention    
Intack 'T' Screens for Water Applications
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